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Rent is $1070* per month plus one months rent as a security deposit.
Included in the rent is water, sewer, and trash.
Every unit has a separate storage unit included in the price.
All appliances and washer and dryer are also included.
Not included is electricity, phone, and cable.
All the units are heated with a very efficient heat pump.

*Rent is based on availability and subject to change

Application Rental Procedure

Our practice is to enter into a rental agreement with the first acceptable applicant(s) for a particular apartment.  Please review all documents listed on this page including the Application Procedure as this form will answer most of the common questions, as well as listing the supporting documentation needed for a successful application.  Please note that this is a NON-SMOKING community and there is no smoking allowed on the property. This is for the safety and well being of all tenants. 

The application and acceptance process is as follows:

1.      At least one applicant or representative must view the apartment for which they are applying.

2.      The application form(s) must be completed and returned to the rental office with the required application fee which is used to check the applicants credit history.

3.      We will then check the applicant(s) credit history, employer references, and housing references.  If the applicant has no credit history or references or an unacceptable credit history and/or references, we may still consider the application(s), but a credit worthy cosigner for each applicant will be required.  Acceptance of a co-signer is at the discretion of management.  A separate fee may be required for the credit history check on co-signers as well.  Co-signers should fill out the application form for themselves and mark who they are co-signing for.

4.      If the applicant(s) and/or cosigner(s) have been approved, the applicant(s) will be notified of our acceptance and the apartment will be taken off the market.  Please note:  Acceptance of your application creates a binding contract to enter into a rental agreement.  Your failure to do so may result in substantial losses and other damages for which you may be held liable.

After the acceptance notification, the lease agreement will be drafted and sent to the applicant(s) together with other associated documents.  The lease and the other documents must be returned within the time limit specified in the acceptance letter.  If the lease agreement is not returned within the time limit required, we may rent the apartment to the next acceptable applicant(s).

If you have any further questions regarding the above process, please contact us at by phone or email.

In order to ensure that the cost of rentals remains reasonable we have established a direct payment system for your apartment rental.  This form will authorize us to withdraw your rent and a pre-determined date monthly ensuring no missed payments or disruption in your living arrangements.

Not all apartments are pet friendly and it is at the discretion of management to allow pets. Not every pet is appropriate for an apartment setting; please review the following form to see if your pet is approved. 

We also require all renters to carry proof of renters insurance.  This can be obtained for less then $100/ year and protects tenants from loss of personal property in the event of a disaster.

Application Procedure

Rental Application

Payment Agreement

Pet Regulations

Insurance Requirements